Temperature sensor diagram


In  today’s  modern  society,  creating  and  maintaining  the appropriate conditions for plant health is not straightforward. Many  people  do  not  have  regular  access  to  the  basic  needs of  plants.  For  instance,  those  residing  in  apartments  or  low-light  housing  will  not  have  adequate  access  to  the  necessary sunlight for plant survival. Furthermore, the majority of people today simply have no idea how to take proper care of a plant. The  basic  questions  of  how  much  to  water  the  plant,  how much sunlight is no longer commonplace. We propose a device that  will  answer  all  of  these  questions  without  having  to  be explicitly asked.


  • Sarah Abella
  • Eliza Cohn


  • Ralph Etienne-Cummings

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