LactaLearn Develops app to support mothers with breastfeeding

Apr 26, 2024

Did you know 80% of new mothers want to exclusively breastfeed their infant, but only 41% do? The most common reason they stop: They’re worried that their newborn isn’t getting enough milk. @JHUBME’s LactaLearn #DesignDay24 team has a solution: Their app uses a deep learning model to estimate milk transfer efficiency. Through the detection of audible rhythmic swallowing—a sign of consistent milk intake—it can provide parents with reassurance that their newborn is well fed. It’s a big improvement over techniques like at-home timing of feedings and weighing the baby before and after. See it in action May 1!

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Team Members: David Lu, Shalika Subramanian, Eric Song, Rida Danish, Veronica Kidwell, Iris Zheng, Christina Heal-Kowal, Mackenzie Petersen

Faculty Mentor: Michelle Zwernemann

Clinical Mentor: Dr. Azadeh Farzin