Students Shine Light on Stockton Street

May 23, 2024

1386 N. Stockton St, an open lot from the demolition of five rowhouses, has fallen into disrepair. “Light on Stockton Street” is crafted based on the path of the sun, leading the team to include raised beds to grow food and beautify the area in the sun, gathering space for over 40 people in the shade, and areas for the community to display their art. Adjacent to the entrance, there is a small free library and communal tables for the distribution of produce to community members, addressing the food desert in the area. The team valued the community’s input in their iterative design process. Overall, the team members aim to strengthen the sense of community within the space by prioritizing accessibility and sustainability through a multipurpose space that allows for community gardening, gathering, and empowerment.

Department: Civil and Systems Engineering

Faculty Mentor: Rachel Sangree

Student Names: Athena Zapantis, Charmi Daas, Evan Kelly, Claudio Kochell