Johns Hopkins Engineering Design Day 2024

Experience the intersection of theory and practice as students unveil over 200 innovative solutions addressing real-world challenges at our engineering showcase event.

Design Day

Johns Hopkins Engineering Design Day is the Whiting School’s premier event that showcases the innovative works of Hopkins engineering students. Come to see how students implement their classroom knowledge, creativity, and problem-solving skills to develop inventions and processes that solve real-world problems and create a better future.​​

Join us to: ​

  • Explore more than 200 cutting-edge projects from Whiting’s engineering departments​
  • Experience interactive presentations, posters and demonstrations​
  • Connect with faculty, staff, and industry professionals passionate about engineering innovation​

This event is open to all! We welcome faculty, staff, other students, and the public.​

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Students and Teams

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Public Attendees

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Faculty and Staff

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Project Partners

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An AI That Really Cares About the Big C

A multidisciplinary Design Day team designed an AI-powered chatbot to answer cancer patients' questions accurately and empathetically. By Jaimie Patterson Though the rise of telehealth has made it easier for patients to access medical care, many still struggle to get...

Sip, Spit, Scan: Students’ New Approach to At-Home Strep Testing

Chemical and biomolecular engineering team develops novel rapid test concept. By Lisa Ercolano Suffering from strep throat is not only physically painful but getting it diagnosed can also be a hassle. Patients must visit the doctor to undergo an unpleasant throat swab...

Hearing is Be-Leafing: Students Invent Quieter Leaf Blower

Patent-pending design by Johns Hopkins undergrads could be available in stores within two years By Jill Rosen The challenge before Johns Hopkins University engineering students: Take a leaf blower, but make it quiet. Make it work as powerfully as ever, but do not...

Bioengineering Innovation Aims to Heal Painful Crohn’s Condition

Materials science student Hussein Elfayoumy designs novel stem cell-laden hydrogel to treat painful fistulas. By Conner Allen Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease, affects some 790,000 people in the United States each year. One of the many complications of...

Infant Monitoring Solution Aims to Save Lives from SIDS

From roll-over alerts to heartbeat notifications, students’ device helps keep baby safe. By Dino Lencioni A team of electric and computer engineering students has created a wearable infant heart and lung monitor that sends babies’ vital signs to a smartphone app,...

Student Team Competes in National Hydropower Challenge

Johns Hopkins students' multidisciplinary, fish-friendly design aims to unlock untapped energy source By Emily Myrick A team of undergraduate students in the Whiting School of Engineering's Center for Leadership Education's Multidisciplinary Engineering Design course...

Burp-Busting Bovine Brew

Design Day team engineers methane-reducing cattle feed. By Lisa Ercolano Children are taught from a young age that burping is impolite but—at least judging by cows—Mother Nature seems to have missed that memo.   Methane-filled bovine burps (and flatulence)...

AI Stitches Together a Better Fabric Inspection System for Blind Industries of Maryland

Engineering students harness machine learning to improve quality control. By Jonathan Deutschman Blind Industries and Services of Maryland is a leading provider of military uniforms, cutting and sewing thousands of garments each year for the Department of Defense and...

Cracking the Atomic Code: Design Day Project Seeks to Unlock the Secret of Alloy

Materials science student Charlie Teeter designs predictive model to discover atomic actions. By Conner Allen How do atoms interact when elements are combined into an alloy? It’s a longstanding question in materials science that Charlie Teeter is tackling. A senior...

Design Day Team Addresses Flooding, Erosion in Dundalk

Students develop wetlands plan to protect Turner Station community from rising sea level. By Danielle Underferth As sea levels rise and coasts erode, low-lying communities like the Turner Station community in Dundalk are increasingly threatened by chronic flooding....