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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Johns Hopkins Engineering community is creating a better future, translating theoretical knowledge into real-world solutions.


Join us on Tuesday, May 4 for a virtual celebration showcasing student innovation and creativity at Hopkins Engineering annual Design Day!

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A Novel Prosthetic Liner with an Automatic Inflation and Deflation Mechanism

Team: Rehab: Proskin

Program: Biomedical Engineering

Of the approximately 1.7 million individuals with limb loss in the U.S., the majority are lower limb amputees. Amputations at the transfemoral level account for 19% of this population. One main concern for transfemoral amputees is discomfort due to rotation of the transverse plane at the residual limb and socket interface. Efforts to minimize transfemoral vertical socket displacement can be observed in the majority of existing forms of suspension. However, there have been few attempts to address issues associated with transverse plane rotation, and it still currently remains a clinical problem. We propose a novel prosthetic liner, ProSkin, which aims to minimize transverse rotational displacement while maintaining sufficient suspension between the residual limb for transfemoral amputees. By creating a better fit for amputees, the ProSkin ensures users can use prosthetics safely and comfortably.


  • Nitish Thakor
  • Scott M. Paul

Team Members

  • Yoseph Kim
  • Dylan Kwang
  • Eugene Oh
  • Victoria Yu

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