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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Johns Hopkins Engineering community is creating a better future, translating theoretical knowledge into real-world solutions.


Join us on Tuesday, May 4 for a virtual celebration showcasing student innovation and creativity at Hopkins Engineering annual Design Day!

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Team: StethoECG

Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Our StethoECG is a multi-functional system including a heart signal detecting device, signal analysis software, and a telecommunication platform between clinicians and patients. The detection device can collect ECG and heart sound signals, transferring data to processor (PC or Smart Phone) by using bluetooth capabilities. Our smartphone app, in addition to providing an interactive and clear user interface, will provide comprehensive analysis using machine learning and AI. Results and analysis will be stored into a personal file for each patient. In addition, a platform will be built for real-time communication between doctors and patients, which can help with remote healthcare.


  • Israel Gannot
  • Sath Ramesh

Team Members

  • Nicolle Jaurre
  • Xinyu Guan
  • Qianqi Huang

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