evGrandPrix (Team E-Kart)

Summary Team E-KART worked on this multidisciplinary project to design, build, and race their entry in the EV Grand Prix autonomous electric vehicle competition. Team Sarah AbellaKyungmo ChoiAmanda FernandesRyan HanksPeter WeissCarl UrbanikKaiwen Zhang Advisor Charbel...


Summary Team SONAR predicted the underwater acoustic noise spectrum of a water thruster. Team +Solomon Polansky Sponsor Oceaneering Advanced Tech

Team STSci-M

Summary Team STSci-M worked on designing a custom, segmented mirror for use in an advanced coronograph (HiCAT). Team Angela GroszosMariah HarrisLindsey Wiser Sponsor Space Telescope Science Institute

Team SBD

Summary This test rig for snow blowers helps ensure testing is objective and does not depend on the availability of real snow. Team Mohamed ElgendiThomas GhebreyesusSarah GunasekeraStephanie HernandezDaniel Hong+Vishal Kole+Greg Scott+Yufu Tao+Tianyi Weng Sponsor...


Summary Team OUSD designed a rapid cargo loading system for V-22 Osprey aircraft. Team Rob DurhamCesar SaldarriagaSamson Tessema Sponsor Office of the Undersecretary of Defense


Summary Team RIPS investigated the feasibility of harvesting energy from the descent of a probe into the atmosphere of Saturn. Team Christianna BambiniRadha DeshmukhJacob O’KeeffeMarcos Perez Sponsor Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab View the Digital Poster...