Design Day 2020

Welcome to Design Day 2020 – the Whiting School of Engineering’s annual showcase of our students’ creativity, optimism, innovation, and ability to translate their theoretical knowledge into solutions to real-world problems.

Design Day gives both undergraduate and graduate students from all nine of the Whiting School’s academic departments, as well as the Center for Leadership Education, the opportunity to put what they’ve learned into practice by collaborating closely with faculty mentors, clinical researchers, industry clients, and other students to devise systems, processes, components, and products to solve important and pressing community problems.

This year’s Design Day was held virtually, with most projects needing to be completed remotely – and our students rose to this challenge beautifully. Each team not only took their project to the finish line but did so with only the resources they had on hand at home while collaborating with their team members across time zones.

This feat would not have been possible without the extraordinary efforts of our faculty to adapt their classes and mentorship for online instruction, or without the support of our sponsors, alumni, and advisory boards who keep our mission moving forward despite these uncertain times.

Examples of our students’ achievements this year include: a team of biomedical engineering students has developed devices to improve mobility for patients with quadriplegia; a team of mechanical engineers has created laboratory equipment for rapid mosquito classification; and a team of students in materials science have invented a way to recycle high-impact polystyrene to make synthetic yarns for textiles. 

Our community never ceases to exemplify the best of what engineering has to offer – drive, creativity, resourcefulness, and commitment to discovery.

Enjoy this year’s presentations!

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