Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering – 2020 Projects

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering’s research and teaching are deeply interdisciplinary and targeted at solving some of the world’s most challenging problems, ranging from the development of new therapies to conquer cancer, to the creation of Earth-friendly biofuels and other sources of energy, to the design of molecular electronics and more. Product and Process Design courses, in which students apply skills from earlier classes to real-world challenges in industries ranging from chemical production to health care and from coatings to agriculture, are a department hallmark.

2020 Design Day Projects

Projects this year include a collapsible egg carton to save space in the refrigerator, a multi-layer system for sustained release of chemicals, a tampon diagnostic, HIV/syphilis point-of-care test, an environmentally friendly fire retardant, and a probiotic deodorant.

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Tampon Diagnostic
Team: Chris Domalewski, Gaby Hernandez, Elina Hoffman, Kevin Kwok, Wilson Tjoeng

Concentric Multiple Layer System for Sustained Release of Chemicals
Team: Rira Choi, Hyunkeun Joo, Sang Hyuk Lee, Sesha Charan Pasupuleti

Collapsible Egg Carton
Team: Jenna Colombo, Jenna Jacobs, Samuel Olabanji, Laolu Ogunnaike 

Team: Hannah Aspinwall, Sanjana Kanuganti, Aditya Suru, Qing Ye

Team: Hannah Aspinwall, Sanjana Kanuganti, Aditya Suru, Qing Ye

Team: Joseph Figueroa, Connor Jacobs, Liam Moylan, Zach Schmidt

Methane Capture System
Team: Ahmed Elzokm, William Savage, Alison Shapiro, Natnael Tamire

Cefazolin-Loaded Electrospun Gelatin Nanomesh
Team: Sunny Chen, Connie He, Tiffany Hou, Royce Ma

Self-Orienting Millimeter Scale Applicator: A Novel Alternative to Existing Methods of Injection and Oral Drug Delivery
Team: Yuan Yuan Ding, Thomas Glover, Tyrone Sumibcay, Gary Xian

Moss Boss
Team: Daniel Giammanco, Alex Gustilo, Yesibel Molina, Ruzgar Sonmez

Pro: A Probiotic Deodorant for Improvement of Axillary Odor Using Native Bacterial Species
Team: Rebecca Grusby, Louisa Kishton, Peter Murray, Kristen Nixon, Jasper Van Cauwelaert de Wyels

ProsPOD: Miniaturizing Protein Spectroscopy
Team: Alex Chang, Julian Jackson, Jon Judd, Gayatri Pillai

BioBlazeOut: An Environmentally Friendly Fire Retardant
Team: Natalie Kelly, Haliegh Townsend, Minh-Tam Tran Le, Jasen Zhang

B-Pure: Improving the Taste of Alcoholic Beverages
Team: Finn Banks, Oren Gabbay, Max Godek, Philippe Laffont

Team: Adrianna Boen, Charlie Guan, Kristen Petersen, Clara Troyano-Valls