Center for Leadership Education – 2020 Projects

The Center for Leadership Education offers coursework, minors, graduate programs, internships, competitions, hands-on learning experiences, and networking opportunities to prepare students for leadership in the professional world. More than 1,850 undergraduate and 225 graduate students each semester from the schools of Engineering and Arts and Sciences take courses through the CLE in accounting and finance, entrepreneurship and management, leadership, communication, and marketing. The center also offers a host of experiential activities, including a nationally recognized Business Plan Competition and study abroad programs in Denmark, Portugal, Israel, and Spain. Center alumni can be found in leadership roles in organizations around the globe.

2020 Design Day Projects

This year’s projects include a device that protects houses from dangerous embers in wildfire-prone areas; an alternative navigation system for UAVs and other autonomous vehicle applications; and a high-throughput, all-in-one instrument that uses aspects of a cancer’s metabolism to aid in identifying the most appropriate chemotherapy option for each patient.

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Team: Raasi Chenna, Jaya Sanjana Kanuganti, Saloni Singh

Team: Oren Gabbay, Anish Thyagarajan, Sunag Udupa

Team: Mia Boloix and Joao Kawase

NATO Challenge: Reducing Casualties on the Front Line of Battle
Team: David Calvo, Jonathan Edwards, Isabella Ferrara, Sean Glaister, Angelino Go, Vara Mathiyalakan, Cameron Schwartz

Team: Nick Lemanski, Vini Lepca, Evan Mays, Vance Wood, Lynn Yin

Protein Beer
Team: Alonso Bernal, Cameron Carter, Georges Fayad, Melanie Kemp, Johnny Saldana, Ishpreet Singh

Team: Kevin Rao, Nathan Riemann, Helen Rossmiller

Using Film as a Tool to Promote Student Wellbeing at Hopkins
Team: Kristen Nixon

Team: Jack Alpert, Jordan Cohen, Tiernan Connolly, Vincent Lee