Computer Science – 2020 Projects

The Department of Computer Science is diverse, collaborative, and intensely research focused. Its research program combines core areas with novel interdisciplinary, application-oriented subjects, bringing together colleagues from the schools of Engineering and Medicine. It draws upon the university’s strengths in areas including robotics, speech and language, information security, machine learning, theory and programming languages, and computational health and medicine. Undergraduate and graduate students are immersed in interdisciplinary research that stresses fundamental problem solving.

2020 Design Day Projects

This year, students calculated a model to predict the pitching performance of major league baseball players, and designed a safety device that allows the operators of heavy machinery to track and respond to the placement of construction site workers, avoiding accidents.

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Team: Jonah Offman, Jaret Prothro, David Ryu, Eric Vaz, Dylan Wachenfeld
Faculty: Anton Dahbura

Bullpen Buckets: Optimizing Fatigue Factors for Major League Bullpens
Team: Eli Katz
Faculty: Anton Dahbura

Strike ’em Out: A Visual Analysis of MLB Hitter Weaknesses
Team: Camila Camacho, Maureen Steele
Faculty: Anton Dahbura

Project Blindside
Team: Arion Morshedian, Luke Robinson
Faculty: Anton Dahbura
Advisor: Sathappan Ramesh

Team: Mia Boloix, Joao Kawase
Faculty: Lawrence Aronhime and Anton Dahbura

Establishing a Theoretical Bound for the Concealing of Baseball Signs
Team: Jack Pausic, Ethan Yang
Faculty: Anton Dahbura

Team: Jack Alpert, Jordan Cohen, Fionn Connolly, Vincent Lee
Faculty: Lawrence Aronhime and Anton Dahbura

Team: Matt Deppe, Ben Karyo, Matt Kim
Faculty: Anton Dahbura

Team: Nick Lemanski, Vini Lepca, Evan Mays, Vance Wood, Lynn Yin
Faculty: Lawrence Aronhime and Anton Dahbura

Team: Cindy Ge, Aly Kruglak, Sanjana Rao, Ravina Sashti, Ryan Teshima
Faculty: Lawrence Aronhime and Anton Dahbura

Team: Cynthia Lo, Kaushik Srinivasan, Nathan Vallapureddy, Tiffany Zeng
Faculty: Joanne Selinski

Team: Yoyo Ding, Nan Huo, Rafeal de la Tijera Obert, Jiatong Shi, Fengfan Xian
Faculty: Mathias Unberath

A Predictive Model for Cyber Attacks Verging on War
Team: Divya Rangarajan
Faculty: Lawrence Aronhime and Anton Dahbura

Baltimore Orioles GameTime App
Team: Chikaodinaka Nwosu, Anthony Wu
Faculty: Anton Dahbura

Mobile App User Interface Design and Implementation for Flave
Team: Michael Li
Faculty: Anton Dahbura

Team: Ziming Chen, Wenling Ding, Chenghao Sun, Zixuan Yao, Nanxi Ye, Ziyi Wang
Faculty: Ali Madooei

Gecko: An Examination System for Coding Courses
Team: Owen Campbell, Daniel Chong, Sadie Garber, Brandon Lax, Joo Sung, Kenneth Zheng
Faculty: Ali Madooei