Materials Science and Engineering – 2020 Projects

In the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, undergraduate and graduate students are constantly pushing boundaries to solve real-world problems.

2020 Design Day Projects

For this year’s Design Day, three teams and nine individual students are presenting projects that range from recycling high impact polystyrene to make synthetic yarns for textiles to understanding defects in additively manufactured materials to engineering a versatile embolization device. Through these projects, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering faculty encourage students to apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom to create materials that will improve society.

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3D Model of Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Growth, Migration and Blood-Brain Barrier Interactions
Team: Alanna Farrell, Raleigh Linville
Faculty: Peter Searson

Permeability and Mechanical Properties of the Bowman’s Layer
Team: Ester Groenevald-van Beek, Kendall Free, Gerrit Melles, Sidra Zafar
Faculty: Shameema Sikder

Building a Pipeline for Atomistic Simulation to Understand the Thermodynamics of Precipitation in Mg-Al Systems
Team: Beatriz Medeiros, Peng Yi
Faculty: Michael Falk

Understanding Defects in Additively Manufactured Materials: Automated Data Analysis of Micro Computed Tomography Images
Team: Simon Mason, Justin Unger
Faculty: James Guest

Performing Water Splitting Electrocatalysis Using a Nanoporous Niobium Substrate
Team: Alyssa Chuang, Katie McErlean
Faculty: Jonah Erlebacher

Determining the Effects of Dealloying on Mechanical Properties of Porous Niobium Alloys
Team: Jodie Baris
Faculty: Jonah Erlebacher

Sensing of Volatile Organic Compounds using Organic Field Effect Transistors
Team: Aleser Alahmad, Justine Wagner
Faculty: Howard Katz

Flame-Retardant Inks for Screen Printing and Possible Applications
Team: Julio Quintanilla
Faculty: Stephen Farias
Partners: SciGenisis LLC

Knee Motion Analysis with Wearable Sensors
Team: Recep Ataozden, Eric Guo, Ian Hernandez
Faculty: Stephen Farias

A Biocompatible, Biodegradable Hydrogel-Adhesive Complex for Superior Wound Closure
Team: Recep Ataozden, Anirejuoritse Egbe, Matthew Lee, Jenny Pham, Christian Tessman
Faculty: Luo Gu

Recycling High Impact Polystyrene to Make Synthetic Filaments and Yarns for Textiles
Team: Jasmine Blust, Lauren Choi, Julian Garcia, Tina De Jong, Lydia Wang
Faculty: Orla Wilson

Engineering a Versatile Embolization Device
Team: Jasmine Hu, Da In Lee, Shin-Jae Lee, Eric Lin, Mathias Insley, Siddharth Iyer
Faculty: Christos Georgiades, Luo Gu, and Hai-Quan Mao