Mechanical Engineering – 2020 Projects

The Department of Mechanical Engineering sits at the intersection of science and engineering, preparing students for careers applying skills and knowledge to applications ranging from robotics and human-machine interactions to aerospace and machine systems to micro- and nano-scale engineered devices to biology and medicine. Since Mechanical Engineering pioneered the capstone experience on the Homewood campus in 1984, more than 1,240 students have gone through the program. In Senior Design, students apply their understanding of engineering principles to real-world projects presented by industry, non-profit, and government sponsors, who emerge with tested and working prototypes.

2020 Design Day Teams

This year’s projects range from an automated system to prevent forklift accidents and injuries to laboratory equipment for rapid mosquito classification to news tools for space and ocean exploration.

+ Denotes a master’s student

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Team ARL
Team: Julia Glass, Alex Milner, John Moore
Sponsor: Army Research Lab

Team: Israel Barrera, Zooey He, Tyler Spoleti
Sponsor: BOSCH Security Systems

Team: Colin Meissner, Lucas Serlin, Seena Vafaee, Charlie Watkins
Sponsor: Blind Industries & Services of Maryland

Team: John Cai, Cole Clampffer, Caterina Esposito, Justin Kim
Sponsor: Johns Hopkins Center for Neuroplastic Surgery

Team HUR
Team: Jalen Nesbit, Eva Pan, Jaime Tebas-Pueyo
Sponsor: Claire Hur Lab at Johns Hopkins University

Team: Arion Morshedian, Niles Ribeiro, Chris Williams
Sponsor: Johns Hopkins Laboratory for Experimental Fluid Dynamics

Team: Alex Carson, Anna Frazier, Lauren Jacob, Lidia Martinez
Sponsor: Johns Hopkins Department of Biomedical Engineering

Team: Randall Elkind, Sammy Hamermesh, Emily Maheras, Harrison Riggott
Sponsor: Oceaneering Advanced Tech

Team SBD
Team: Mohamed Elgendi, Thomas Ghebreyesus, Sarah Gunasekera, Stephanie Hernandez, Daniel Hong, +Vishal Kole, +Greg Scott, +Yufu Tao, +Tianyi Weng
Sponsor: Stanley Black & Decker

Team: Rob Durham, Cesar Saldarriaga, Samson Tessema
Sponsor: Office of the Undersecretary of Defense

Team: Christianna Bambini, Radha Deshmukh, Jacob O’Keeffe, Marcos Perez
Sponsor: Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab

Team: +Solomon Polansky
Sponsor: Oceaneering Advanced Tech

Team STSci-M
Team: Angela Groszos, Mariah Harris, Lindsey Wiser
Sponsor: Space Telescope Science Institute

*Team E-KART
Team: Kaiwen Zhang
Sponsor: Johns Hopkins Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering