Multidisciplinary Design – 2020 Projects

EN.500.309 Advanced Multidisciplinary Design  

In this course, teams of students with disparate engineering backgrounds come together to tackle design challenges for project partners from industry, medicine, and the social sector. Teams take the fall semester to focus their project direction through user research, technical research, and initial prototyping. In the spring, teams refine their prototypes and tests into implementable solutions they can hand off to their project partners.

2020 Design Day Projects

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A Way to Make Touch-based Operating Screens Blind-accessible
Team: Brandon Lax, Mitchell Pavlak, Rena Liu, and Willa Grinsfelder
Project Partner: Michael Gosse and Anica Zlotescu (Blind Industries and Services of Maryland)

A Way to Identify and Quantify Shedding Microfibers in Fabric
Team: Hannah Christina Aspinwall, Nikki Li, Sharada Narayanan, and Simi Aluko
Project Partner: Matt Trexler and Jeremy Strangeland (Under Armour)

A Way to Reduce Patient Complications Due to Titanium Plates and Screws Used to Affix Cranial Implants
Team: Cristina Romany, Julie Cui, and Owen Friesen
Project Partner: Dr. Chad Gordon (Director of Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Johns Hopkins Medicine)

EN.500.309 Foundations of Multidisciplinary Design  

For the six weeks after spring break, teams of mostly first-year students and sophomores from multiple engineering departments remotely collaborated to tackle COVID-19 related design challenges, some across a 13-hour time difference. 

2020 Design Day Projects

Virtual Desk
Team: Connor Devlin, Jack Rao, and Mia Boloix

Virtual Experiences Platform
Team: Bridgette Kim, Jenna Wolfanger, and Sam Kim

Virtual Team Challenges App
Team: Brian Choi, Chinat Yu, and Kyungmo Choi