Compressive Ultrasound Imaging


Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering

CUP is a team of interdisciplinary engineering students from Johns Hopkins University. With expertise spanning biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, and robotics, we have worked together to render a minimally viable imaging system that utilizes the novel technology of compressive ultrasound. Building on groundwork previously established in literature and work done by an engineering team in years past, our team was able to produce a working prototype. The system involves a single ultrasound transducer that emits an ultrasound pulse through a given environment which includes a target object. The echoing pulse delivers key information to our receiver, which is then amplified and decoded by an algorithm. Pulses are repeatedly delivered into the environment and modified through a physically varied surface (hereafter known as the mask), thus creating delays and resulting in a variation of the emitted ultrasound pulse. The algorithm decodes the variations and over the course of multiple pulses and multiple positions of the mask, an image can be formed that is representative of the target object.

Andreas Andreou
Sathappan Ramesh

Team Members

  • Hee Yun Suh
  • Jesse Garcia
  • Evan Bender
  • Pablo Linares
  • Trifeena James

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