Energy Harvesting and Power Management System

Team: Joule Thief-Hot Rod Electric Engergy Harvesting Team

Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering

This project looks at a DC-DC boost converter joule thief that explores the augmentation of a limited amount of voltage in a battery. A joule thief underlined by bipolar junction transistors is constructed and a subsequent PCB prototype is made to enhance the functioning of the converter attached to the voltage source.
Since the team encompasses two groups, the second uses a Thermoelectric Generator that uses the Seebeck effects and thermodynamic differences to ensure the transmission of voltage from the ground for power supply to an attached load.

Professor Andreas Andreou
Professor Andreas Andreou

Team Members

  • Nyeli Kratz, Eli Foster, Arik Slepyan, James Wang, Saidi Williams, Mirza Korman, Lorenzo Gregori,

A PCB prototype of the DC-DC boost converter.