Open Lexicon

Team: The Open Lexicon Team

Program: Computer Science

The class is Object Oriented Software Engineering EN.601.421.

TL;DR: An HTML component for styling all websites to help dyslexic students read. A website purpose built as an e-reader for the aforementioned web component.

A reading solution for dyslexic learners.

Learners with dyslexia struggle with reading and learning from text. It is hard for teachers to come up with tailored or focused lessons to assist them with their learning.

This is a web component that gives students options when it comes to how they want to read. Users/readers can customize the way text is displayed on their browser. Then, using that web component, we are building a classroom style app that allows teachers to assign readings to students. Students can then use the accessibility features to customize the text to their learning preferences.

Learn more at:

Landing page of the website.