Pneu-Mo: A Pneumothorax Patient Monitoring System

Team: Pneu-Mo

Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Pneu-Mo is a new pneumothorax patient monitoring system that aims to solve the many problems tied to the traditional three-chamber chest drainage system used in pneumothorax treatments. The biggest issue with the current industry standard three-chamber chest drainage system used to treat pneumothorax is that the device is not able to display and track pneumothorax patients’ conditions. This results in the patient needing many unnecessary x-ray and CT scans to observe their current condition, which leads to prolonged stays at hospitals in addition to the expensive costs of scans. The solution to these problems is a system that combines hardware and software. The hardware is attachable and adaptable to any three-chamber chest drainage system on the market and wirelessly transmits real-time statistics about the patient’s condition to proprietary software that displays such information.




Sathappan Ramesh

Team Members

  • Stephen Zhou
  • Marissa Hsu
  • Shivanie Ally

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