The Dynamic Sock Brace

Team: Baby Boot Builders

Program: Center for Leadership Education, Multidisciplinary Design

Clubfoot is a birth defect causing a child’s foot or feet to be turned inward and downward, affecting 1 in 1,000 births every year in the U.S. Though clubfoot can significantly affect a child’s ability to walk, it is curable if families adhere to treatment over the course of many years. The standard of care is a bracing solution that rigidly connects a child’s feet to each other, causing discomfort and distress while sleeping.

Our team’s solution, the Dynamic Sock, eliminates the need for a bar, enabling a child to move their feet independently and comfortably. Our brace takes the form of a sock filled with lightweight beads. Using an alignment mat, the proper ankle orientation is set before air is vacuumed out from the sock through a 1-way valve. The brace stiffens, maintaining its shape and the angle of the foot needed for effective treatment.

Dr. John Herzenberg
Dr. Philip McClure


Alissa Burkholder Murphy
Rena Liu

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This video shows how our Dynamic Brace reimagines the clubfoot bracing experience, making the healing journey more comfortable for kids.