Team: Ackoji

Program: Computer Science

On any given day, the average person receives over 100 emails not including spam. As a result, many people find their inboxes to be incredibly cluttered to the point where they are missing important emails with critical information. Ackoji is an Outlook add-in solution to this very problem.

The Ackoji add-in is an inbox assistant which helps declutter your inbox and direct your attention to noteworthy emails. Our natural language processing system automatically determines which emails are simple short-form acknowledgments like “Thank you” or “That works for me” that can be removed from your inbox. Meanwhile, any responses which require your attention are flagged for you. These acknowledgements and flagged emails are displayed in a clean, simple task pane to the right of your inbox, allowing you to know which emails deserve your attention and which can be ignored at a glance.

Ackoji will enhance your productivity and ensure your attention is directed to only the most relevant emails in your inbox. It’s time to bring your email inbox into the 21st century!


Anton Dahbura
Juan Balmori Labra

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The photo attached describes the software architecture used to perform our add-in’s functionality, as well as a preliminary mock-up of the user interface.