Solar-Powered Mosquito Trap

Team: Solar-Powered Mosquito Trap

Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering

The purpose of this project is to design a microprocessor-based electronic control circuit for a solar/battery powered mosquito trap. The trap attracts mosquitoes with a heatable semiconductor fabric and chemical compounds with scents attractive to mosquitoes. Once inside, insecticides kill the mosquitos. This device may be deployed to developing countries in Africa and Asia. Thus, the device must be able to withstand a wide range of climates. The trap must also be able to operate independently from the power grid. Our device may be used to control and surveil the population of mosquitos that carry deadly diseases, such as malaria. We are designing the device to be as durable, affordable, and simple as possible.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Sathappan Ramesh

Team Members

  • Amanda Fernandes
  • Carl Urbanik
  • Madeline Chabab
  • Joy Yeh