Notest – Revolutionizing Online Learning

Team: Notest

Program: Computer Science

Lifelong learning is an important but hard skill to master. Can’t recall what you watched? Feel like you are not retaining learning? Wasting time re-reading notes? The internet is a sea of noise that drowns you out!

Online learning suffers from a lack of community, coherency, and accountability. Current learning experiences are solo, and as a result, learners are lost without knowing where to start. This causes them to get stuck and confused easily, lacking the discipline to finish online courses.

Notest is a community-driven platform that helps students learn effectively by creating a personalized learning experience based on individual needs. We use artificial intelligence to provide contextualized questions to enhance the learning experience.

Imagine a worksheet that you would fill out after reading an essay, but one that is smart and adapts to your learning style and pace.

Our current MVP allows learners to create learning material and generate questions using AI from any source text (e.g. a paragraph from an article, a poem, etc.) Learners are able to efficiently learn the content by answering the generated questions instead of re-reading all the information or aimlessly surfing the web. They can then share their Notests with others on a common marketplace!

Dr. Anton Dahbura
Professor Lawrence Aronhime

Team Members

  • Siddharth Ananth
  • Robert Zhang
  • Chinat Yu

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