Stony Run Walking Trail Support

Team: Stony Run Support

Program: Environmental Health and Engineering

A section of the Stony Run trail has frequently been waterlogged, resulting in erosion and widening of the path by people seeking a way around the muddiest areas. The waterlogging has been attributed to stormwater management issues and poor drainage conditions. During heavy rain events, the trail floods, making it virtually unwalkable. Locals’ efforts to fix this issue, such as pipes used to redirect water from natural springs to Stony Run, have been less successful than desired. Furthermore, low soil infiltration and impermeable surfaces at a higher elevation have been identified as causes of excessive stormwater runoff. We designed a bioretention basin with a drain pipe under the path to transport water to Stony Run. Our solution is designed to accommodate 100-year storm events by filtering and draining runoff within 48 hours.

Janet Felsten

Team Members

  • Zachary Ellis
  • Amanda Hinton
  • Marissela Gomez
  • Chloe Frantz
  • Alexander Holt

Project Links

5 Environmental Engineering seniors stand at the Stony Run project site