Plasmonic Design for Optoelectronic Devices

Team: NanoEnergy Lab

Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering

This work focuses on optimizing and enhancing the absorption of a MoTe2 photodetector using plasmonic aluminum nanoparticles. Simulations were conducted using the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method to solve Maxwell’s Equations. Optimization considerations involved both the thickness of the SiO2 layer below the structure and the morphology and size of the Al structures. The resulting device proposed involves prolate Al hemispheres, which remain understudied in literature. The size-tuning allows for enhancement control in either the visible or near-infrared (NIR) region.

Department of Defense Center for Excellence in Advanced Electro-Photonics with 2D Materials
Susanna M. Thon

Team Members

  • Ekin Gunes Ozaktas
  • Serene Kamal
  • David Shrekenhamer
  • Susanna M. Thon

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