EquinOx: Earlier Detection of Hypoxemia in Dark Skin Tone Patients


Program: Biomedical Engineering

This team aims to eliminate skin-tone discrepancies in pulse oximeters!

Dr. Ashraf Fawzy (Clinical Mentor)
Dr. Jad Farha (Clinical Mentor)
Dr. Elizabeth Logsdon (BME Mentor)
Dema Shumeyko (TA)
Nicholas Durr (Committee Member)
Julie Shade (Committee Member)

Team Members

  • Janice Lin
  • Rahul Swaminathan
  • Jerry Zhang
  • Yuqi Zhang
  • Stanley Zhu
  • Vivek Chari
  • Valerie Wong
  • Clara Cho

Project Links

To see the full poster, click the poster link at the end of the page