Digital Triage Assistant

Team: Clark Scholars NATO Team 1

Program: Center for Leadership Education

The Digital Triage Assistant (DTA) includes the implementation of wearables, (similar to commercial devices such as FitBits, Apple Watches, etc.), on soldiers that can measure key health vitals. Additionally, the Digital Triage Assistant includes an algorithm that takes in inputs such as the soldiers’ health vitals, medic observations, and past medical history, and quickly outputs a quantitative measure of the severity of the soldier’s injury, known as the “mortality likelihood score.” This output would then be utilized by an attending medic on the frontline to better treat a wounded soldier.


Col. Sohrab Dalal
Col. Julien Viant


Lawrence Aronhime
Sascha Cocron

Team Members

  • David Calvo
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • Bella Ferrara
  • Sean Glaister
  • Angelino Go
  • Vara Mathiyalakan

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