Engineering an Embolization Device for Localized and Sustained Release of a Chemotherapeutic Agent


Program: Materials Science and Engineering

The nanofiber-reinforced macroporous hydrogel composite (NMHC) is a novel, biocompatible, self-expanding embolization device that is able to occlude blood vessels of various diameters. Loading drugs encapsulated in nanoparticles into the NMHC can not only increase the number of applications of the NMHC in medical procedures but also improve the therapeutic effect of nanoparticles by preventing rapid clearance from the body. This study evaluated the potential of the NMHC as a drug delivery platform by analyzing the drug release kinetics of nanoparticles entrapped in the NMHC. The goal of the project is to utilize the NMHC as an embolization device to help promote the localized and sustained release of a chemotherapeutic agent.

Dr. Hai-Quan Mao
Dr. Christos Georgiades
Yicheng Zhang

Team Members

  • Eric Lin
  • Mathias Insley

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