Bronchosleeve: Streamlining One Lung Ventilation


Program: Biomedical Engineering

One-lung ventilation (OLV) is a critical component of cardiothoracic surgeries, but its current workflow has considerable drawbacks and complications. Both its gold-standard devices, the double-lumen tube (DLT) and the combination of single-lumen tube (SLT) and bronchial blocker (BB), experience high rates of dislodgement and incorrect placement, which can cause lethal airway ruptures, tissue injuries, and hypoxemia among other conditions. These complications can lead to poor clinical outcomes, prolonged hospital stays, and increased costs to the healthcare system. Additionally, the DLT, which is preferred to the SLT-BB combination due to its ability for both lung separation and ventilation, cannot be used in many patients’ airways due to its large size. Considering that over 600,000 OLV procedures are conducted annually in the United States alone, anesthesiologists and surgeons need a way to more safely ventilate the patient during OLV. To meet these needs, we have designed a new device, the Bronchosleeve, that combines the benefits of both the SLT-BB combination and DLT. The device and proposed workflow will allow for easier insertion, lower rates of malposition and dislodgement, decreased risk of complications, increased compatibility with current bronchoscopes, and improved ability for suction compared to the gold standard. It will also eliminate the need to exchange a DLT for an SLT post-operatively. In preliminary testing, the device provides adequate ventilation, allows for suction and deflation, and is compatible with bronchoscope use. These preliminary results demonstrate great promise for the potential of the device in OR settings to reduce the various drawbacks associated with OLV.

Dr. Brijen L. Joshi (Clinical Mentor)
Dr. Elizabeth Logsdon (BME Mentor)
Summer Duffy (TA)
Dr. Viachaslau Barodka (Committee Member)
Dr. Stephen Yang (Committee Member)
Dr. Jinny Ha (Committee Member)
Dr. William Checkley (Committee Member)

Team Members

  • Sneha Batheja
  • Bucky Bryner
  • Charlie Almoney
  • Ria Jha
  • Arijit Nukala
  • Krisha Thakur
  • Nina Nair
  • Alexandra Gorham

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