Designing a Biodegradable Biliary Stent for the Treatment of Biliary Stricture


Program: Materials Science and Engineering

Current treatments for biliary stricture, which is a narrowing of the bile duct, involve surgeries to insert and remove a metal or plastic stent in addition to multiple ballooning procedures to ensure dilation. This impacts the patient’s quality of life and puts them at a higher risk for postoperative complications. We propose the use of a biodegradable, self-expanding biliary stent which would remove the need for auxiliary procedures following its insertion, and have studied the degradation behavior of a braided stent made of a WE43 magnesium-based alloy for its application towards biliary stricture treatment.

Christopher Shubert
Timothy Weihs
Orla Wilson

Team Members

  • Alice Lee
  • Pio Kim
  • Jenny Pham

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    We would like to extend special thanks to Beril Ulugun and Fort Wayne Metals for their assistance in completing this project!