Modeling the Costs of Cloud Computing Tools via Galaxy for Anvil

Team: Performance Analysis

Program: Computer Science

Cost is one of the largest barriers towards migrating biomedical related
analysis in the cloud. Researchers have limited information about the
expected costs of running analysis tools, which in turn makes adopting
cloud solutions very difficult. The open-source Galaxy for Anvil project
( works to better understand the resource requirements
and estimate job cloud costs. The project leverages real-world data from that contains information about historic job information for
hundreds of thousands of jobs and historical tool data for thousands of
Galaxy tools. For this project, we specifically mined the data for the
resource requirements and usage data of the ~10 most popular tools and
will study how changing parameters influence those requirements. This
project will in turn yield impactful insights for a large number of researchers
interested in adopting cloud solutions.

Michael Schatz
Enis Afgan

Team Members

  • Peiyuan Xu

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