Delineo – The Future of Airborne Disease Modeling

Team: Delineo Disease Modeling

Program: Computer Science

In the past two years, we have observed the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic evolved into a public health crisis and challenge all over the world; however, many questions remain unanswered. In particular, routes of transmission, the effectiveness of various non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs), and vaccine protocols are still relevant two years after the initial outbreak in 2019. How viruses move from person to person in smaller, rural communities is less well understood, resulting in public health and economic decisions that are made on the basis of scant information and overgeneralized modeling. Delineo aims at solving this issue by combining real-life movement data with the real-life mechanisms of disease spread in a simulated population. Find out more at


Anton Dahbura

Team Members

  • Christian Bakhit
  • Jasmine Wu

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