Implementing the Method of Characteristics to Analyze Ramp Compression Experiments


Program: Materials Science and Engineering

The method of characteristics can be used to map the pressure history of ramp compression, which can be defined as quasi-isentropic compression. Wavelets, or discretizations of ramp compression, can be plotted by calculating their intersections using the velocity trace of the experiment, as well as the equation of state (EOS) data of the material(s) involved. This can be done by constructing a triangular mesh of intersections from the interface or free surface velocity trace from PDV or VISAR data. Ramp compression experiments can be used to model the solid phase interiors of planets.
The objective of this project was to implement the method of characteristics in a way that was easy to use, and accessible to researchers. Additionally, different options, such as multilayer capability, UI features, streamlining, and strength would be added.

Tyler Perez
June Wicks

Team Members

  • Sophie Lee

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