Team: LayAR


We explore a solution to overcome the aforementioned problems and optimize the experience of collaborative layout and design. We present LayAR, a real-time, collaborative AR environment in which users can create 2D layouts that are immediately realized in the users’ 3D spaces in either a local or remote setting. Additionally, our system utilizes a tracked, physical cube as the placement tool for objects in the 2D work space. This takes advantage of the tactile and kinesthetic sensation provided by the cube’s material, mass, and shape. It allows the user to unambiguously place objects in their 2D work-space. It leverages real-time synchronization provided by the popular gaming network tool, PUN2, shared spatial environment using Microsoft’s WLT and Vuforia marker tracking, spatial mapping and awareness using the built-in sensors of the Hololens 2, and intuitive controls and gestures using Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Toolkit} to create a more intuitive and collaborative workspace for 3D layout and design.