Data-driven modeling to improve pulmonary hypertension risk stratification

Team: Lavender


Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is characterized by a mean pulmonary arterial (PA) pressure greater than 20 mmHg. The inability of the right ventricle to adaptively remodel drives disease. Pressure-volume loop data is the gold standard for assessing RV remodeling and are far superior to conventional right heart catheterization, MRI, and ECHO measurements. However, this procedure is not routinely performed.
Our team aims to apply data driven modeling techniques to improve patient risk stratification, determine emergent metabolic phenotypes of these defined groups, and to develop a classifier that can map conventional measurements to the gold-standard PV-loop states.


Catherine Simpson
Joseph L Greenstein
Casey Overby Taylor

Team Members

  • Nikita Sivakumar
  • Yi Yang
  • Yikun Li
  • Pan Gu
  • Connie Chang-Chien
  • Cindy Zhang

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We are Team Lavender and are excited to share our work on improving patient stratification for pulmonary hypertension with you.