In today’s increasingly connected world, digital nomads and remote workers seek innovative and reliable solutions to facilitate their travel and accommodation needs. Our startup aims to provide an all-in-one platform catering to this growing demographic by offering vetted, long-term rental options and essential local services tailored to their unique requirements. The platform’s focus is on establishing partnerships with local businesses, ensuring a diverse inventory of properties, and building a strong community through exceptional customer experiences.​

In summary, our startup aims to revolutionize the digital nomad experience by offering a comprehensive platform that simplifies long-term travel and accommodation arrangements, ultimately fostering a global community of remote workers and enhancing their overall quality of life.​

Team Members

  • Jenny Zwerling
  • Sahnya Abdulla
  • Niles Pierson
  • Oluwakayode “Kay” Jasanya
  • Hanusha Durisety
  • Sara Chopra

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