Plier Jaw Grip and Measurement Wear Rig

Team: SBD-P23


SBD-P23, under guidance of Stanley Black and Decker, had the goal of designing a test rig that provides a universal, comparable way to measure the durability and life of plier teeth. The rig is built for testing of tongue and groove pliers. The results will help inform the most monetarily efficient way for SBD to manufacture their pliers, focusing on the effect secondary heat treatment has on plier jaws.

Chris Ibrahim
Josh Tsai
Dr. Stephen Belkoff
Yensabro Kanashiro
Jack Albin

Team Members

  • Tessa Erickson
  • Sasha Khidekel
  • Kelsey Neff
  • Katharine Priu

Project Links

Plier jaw grip and measurement wear rig