Thermal Conductivity Measurements in Porous Materials

Team: Sandia 23


Proper insulation is key in many applications, ranging from combustion engines to thermal batteries to keeping people’s home warm. Many projects at SANDIA National Laboratories require the use of insulations, which are subjected to not only high temperatures, but also to high compressive loads, different gas compositions, and vacuum. However, currently they lack the capability to accurately measure the thermal conductivity of such materials. Therefore, this project aims to develop a machine capable of fulfilling this purpose under the following conditions:
– Temperature range: 20 – 250°C.
– Gas composition: pure gas and mixtures (e.g., N_2, Ar, Air, Ar/N_2).
– Gas pressure: rough vacuum to atmospheric, 0.01 atm – 1 atm (1kPa-101kPa).
– Compressive loads: 0–200 psi (0-1378.95 kPa).

Cameron Ahmad
Timothy Koehler
Stephen Belkoff

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