Team: Quest2Learn


Quest2Learn is an augmented reality (AR) application that enhances both online and on-campus lab sciences education. Our team has created an app in development with exciting technology using augmented reality and game design to teach courses in lab sciences. Currently, we are developing lab units with Johns Hopkins University (JHU) faculty members. Through Quest2Learn, we aim to address the lack of access to hands-on lab learning during the pandemic. Furthermore, our goal is to enhance lab experiences even when in-person learning resumes, and excite students about pursuing careers in biomedical sciences, as well as exposing underprivileged communities to state-of-the-art lab science education.

Anton Dahbura

Team Members

  • Chinat Yu
  • Michelle Wang
  • Siddharth Ananth
  • Jeffery Zhou
  • Kevin Zhang
  • Jalen Geason
  • Shaina Gabala
  • Sidharth Pavuluri
  • Maverick Espinosa

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