SNaP Relief: Ultrasound-Responsive Nanoparticle for Targeted Delivery of NSAIDs

Team: SNaP Relief


SNaP Relief is an ultrasound-sensitive nanobubble containing the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) diclofenac, and provides targeted delivery of the drug to the joints of osteoarthritis patients. When taken orally in their tablet form, NSAIDs are known to cause upper GI side effects (which sometimes cause serious complications) in up to 60% of osteoarthritis patients who take NSAIDs. Our product uses a stable lipid nanobubble that only opens and releases the drug when exposed to specific ultrasound frequencies. The outer surface of the nanobubble also contains the targeting antibody anti-CD90, which helps it localize to the chondrocytes found in cartilage of joints. Given these properties, SNaP Relief boasts the same pain-relieving anti-inflammatory properties of NSAIDs, without the risk of harmful side effects seen in other routes of drug delivery. We do not have a working prototype.

Dr. David Gracias

Team Members

  • Kristen Liu
  • Andrew Tran
  • Benjamin Biggs
  • Anica Jones