Multifunctional Walker for Stair Navigation via Sliding Front Face Mechanism

Team: Rehab: A&D Stair Walker

Program: Biomedical Engineering

Mobility aids are commonly prescribed to people with conditions such as reduced balance, arthritis, and lower-limb pain. Most mobility aids are designed for use on flat ground and do not provide sufficient stability to be used on more challenging terrains such as stairs. Currently, the state of the art products are canes and stair chairs, which can be difficult to use safely and can be expensive. This presents the clinical need for a more stable mobility aid intended to be used on stairs. The A&D Stair Walker addresses this gap in the mobility aid market by ensuring user safety on the stairs at a cheap price. Not only does this walker allow the user to safely traverse stairs in both ascending and descending orientations, it also allows the user to walk on flat ground as well.

Dr. Nitish Thakor
Dr. Scott Paul

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Stair Walker CAD Design