Interactive Map and Database to Promote Compost Accessibility in Baltimore

Team: Bmore Composting


In Baltimore, our municipal waste is fed to an incinerator that contributes to serious health complications for nearby residents. Because the average municipally collected trash bag has over 50% compostable materials, collecting food scraps is a powerful method to promote public and environmental health.

Our team created a website with an interactive map to promote options for diverting food scraps from being incinerated. The website includes information about how to compost and why it is important. Since many people in Baltimore do not compost due to a lack of space and odor and pest concerns, we created an interactive map that residents can use to find the closest food scrap drop off sites and information about what is accepted. Community sites can register to be a drop off site on the map by filling out a form.

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Alissa Burkholder Murphy

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We used Google Maps to create an interactive map that displays food scrap drop off sites. Users can find more information about each site by clicking on the icon.

Learn about composting in Baltimore City and how our low-maintence, interactive map can empower you to divert your food scraps from municipal waste collection to help the environment.