Cyber Attack Predictive Index

Team: CS Group Research (1)

Program: Computer Science

Cyber attacks by one country against another are a recurring feature of 21st century geopolitics. Governments have used cyber attacks to achieve political, economic, and military goals faster, more effectively, and with fewer repercussions than is possible through traditional diplomacy, economic sanctions, or military operations.

The Cyber Attack Predictive Index (CAPI) relies on a 5-part scoring system that seeks to better understand why nation-states engage in cyber conflict and serve as a barometer for predicting future cyber attacks.

Dr. Anton Dahbura
Dr. Terry Thompson

Team Members

  • Becca Badon
  • Olivia Brown
  • Hritamber Chakraborty
  • Michael Hallahan
  • Christian Helgeson
  • William Hood
  • Sebastian Llaca
  • Alex Osborne
  • Chris Park

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