Oxygen Concentrator for Low-Resource Settings

Team: PRIME21

Program: Mechanical Engineering

COVID-19 has unrelentingly ravaged the world for the past year. Oxygen therapy through oxygen tanks is the most common treatment for COVID-19, however oxygen tanks have become scarce in low-resource settings. But there is another option: oxygen concentrators.

We are Mechanical Engineering Senior Design team PRIME21 working with our sponsor, Luke Chow from Prime Manufacturing Technologies, to create an oxygen concentrator for low-resource settings.

Luke Chow
Dr. Nathan Scott
Charlie Watkins
Dr. Michael Tsapatsis
Dr. Tigistu Ashengo

Team Members

  • Maria Sofia Ospina
  • Garrett PItt
  • Olivia Skaug
  • Rachel Swanstrom

PRIME21 is a collaborative effort between Prime Manufacturing Technologies and Johns Hopkins University Mechanical Engineering Senior Design

PRIME21: Oxygen Concentrator for Low-Resource Settings