ProHAT: A Haptic Accessory System for Lower Limb Prostheses Users with Diabetes

Team: MotorHAT

Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering

ProHAT is a versatile, cost-effective accessory to already-fitted lower limb prostheses that can provide somatosensory feedback from the prostheses to users. It achieves this through the integration of a sensor system, mobile app, and implantable electrodes. The sensor system uses a unique arrangement of pressure, flex, and touch sensors that optimizes sensitivity to stimuli. The mobile app receives data from the sensor system via a wireless communication system and provides an interface through which the user can visualize the data and manipulate stimulation levels. The implanted electrodes use the load, gait, and tactile information from the sensor system and modulatory signals from the mobile app to provide appropriate electrical stimulation of the nerves in the residual limb to retrieve sensations.

Israel Gannot
Sathappan Ramesh

Team Members

  • Seyeon (Cindy) Choi, Anirejuoritse Egbe, Yucheng (Jacky) Tian

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