Virtual Collaboration for Written Assignments

Team: Foundations of MultiD, Spring 2021: VL Live

Program: Multidisciplinary Design

After talking to and observing college students learning virtually, our team decided to focus on improving collaboration on hand-written assignments in a virtual learning setting. Since moving online, working together on assignments like problem sets is nearly impossible, which demotivates students and stop them from learning together. We designed a solution for college students who prefer to work on paper to start collaborating effectively, even from a distance.


Alissa Burkholder Murphy


Dr. Kate Youmans

Team Members

Mirror + clip attachment that reflects written work to a laptop camera for virtual collaboration

This video describes the need for the mirror device we created that allows for students and professors to share written work on zoom in a low-tech and hands-free way. We shed light on parts of our design process and also demonstrate how the device can be used.