Accessible Production Information for Manufacturing Line Associates at Blind Industries and Services of Maryland

Team: Advanced MultiD, Fall’20 – Spring’21: BISM

Program: Multidisciplinary Design

We worked with the Blind Industries and Services of Maryland to create a system that gives associates on manufacturing lines more autonomy over their work. We designed a system that counts the number of items being made by a work team, stores the information, and then accessibly displays that production information to the associates. With increased knowledge about their daily progress, associates can make decisions about what steps to focus on in the assembly process and take ownership of achieving their production goals. We collaborated with students in the CS course User Interfaces and Mobile Applications for our mobile app design.

Anica Zlotescu at Blind Industries and Services of Maryland


Alissa Burkholder Murphy
Nikki Li

Team Members

  • Keidai Lee, Fall ’21-Spr ’22 Team Member
  • Elizabeth Dolan, Spring ’21 Team Member
  • Tsige Solomon, Spring ’21 Team Member
  • Bridgette Kim, Spring ’21 Team Member
  • Cara Valencia, Fall ’21 Team Member
  • Elad Natanely, Fall ’21 Team Member
  • Mitchel Kleckner, Fall ’21 Team Member
  • Marisa Thomas, Fall ’21 Team Member

The journey that production information takes as finished sub-assemblies are counted from the assembly line, the data is stored, and production information is conveyed back to the associates.

In this video, we show how we created a system accessible to associates with varying abilities, through a design process driven by understanding associates’ perspectives.