Accessible Production Information: for Manufacturing Line Associates at Blind Industries and Services of Maryland

Team: CS UIMA Project

Program: Computer Science

We worked with the Blind Industries and Services of Maryland to create a system that gives associates on manufacturing lines more autonomy over their work. The system counts the number of items being made by a work team, stores the information, and then accessibly displays that production information to the associates. Our team focused on the latter in creating an app with large fonts, simple wording and symbology, bold colors, accurate screen read accessibility features, which also let supervisors to organize work teams, as well as a feature for everyone to ask for and give help. With increased knowledge about their daily progress, associates can make decisions about what steps to focus on in the assembly process and take ownership of achieving their production goals. We collaborated with students in Advanced Multidisciplinary Design to create the other aspects of the system.

Dr. Joanne Selinski

Team Members

  • Chiamaka Anaemeribe
  • Emilia Ochoa
  • Samuel Atefah
  • Keidai Lee