A smart home oxygen system to optimize oxygen delivery for chronic lung disease patients

Team: BME Design Team: Oxygenix

Program: Biomedical Engineering

Every day, patients with chronic lung diseases experience shortness of breath and other debilitating symptoms that limit their daily activity, all stemming from hypoxia or the lack of oxygen in the blood. Patients are commonly prescribed supplemental oxygen therapy to offer some relief, however, many find themselves only weighed down by inefficient and bulky devices. In addition, prescriptions are often unclear, inaccurate, or require frequent adjustments, leaving them with treatment which cannot meet their dynamic oxygen needs. Our team has set out to develop a smart system to better manage supplemental oxygen prescriptions by monitoring patient conditions and adjusting oxygen delivery in real time, improving upon today’s stagnant single setting flow devices. We want to take the guesswork out of oxygen delivery by predicting and preventing hypoxic episodes for all patients.

Project Mentor: Stephen Carl Mathai, M.D., M.H.S.
Project Mentor: John Oman
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Constanza Miranda, Ph.D.
Dr. Phil Buescher, M.D.
Dr. Nicholas Durr, Ph.D.
Jessica Dakkak, MSE
Jonathan Smith, MSE
Teaching Assistant: Lindsay Pierle

Team Members

  • Evan Bender
  • Raphael Chernoff
  • Roshini Narayanan
  • Rebecca Yin
  • Luis Mendoza
  • Samuel Bernstein
  • David Lu
  • Emma Turner